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For distributors of Mycelx in other States please contact Environmental Waste Services

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Spill Trailers & Containerised Packages

Spill Trailers

PPI Services are able to design custom built spill towable trailers and containers using either organic or synthetic sorbents. PPI Services staff will liaise with you directly to ascertain which configuration of sorbents best suits your needs. A typical trailer may include various combinations of:

  • Particulate
  • Booms
  • Pads
  • Pillows
  • Poly Overpack (Waste Disposal)
  • Hazard Marking Tape
  • Brooms
  • D-Grip Shovels (Anti-Static)
  • Hand Shovels (Anti-Static
  • Witches Hats
  • Rakes
  • Star Pickets

If you intend using your spill trailer predominantly on unsealed roads such as around mine sites or alike we can ensure that the trailer is built to last. Modifications may include:

  • Increase the size of the drawbar;
  • 45 mm axle with slimline bearings vs. the standard 40 mm axle with Holden trailer bearings;
  • Australian made slipper springs vs. imported springs; and
  • 8 ply tyres vs. normal car tyres.

Containerised Packages

PPI SERVICES has the ability for 10, 20 & 40 ft containerised packages to be manufactured. They can be tailored to accommodate individual needs, whether the requirement is for equipment suited for offshore operation, within a port or harbour, for beach response or use in river and creek systems. Possible contents could include a range of different equipment including sorbents, containment booms, skimmers, a vacuum unit, portable bunding, tools, personal safety equipment and temporary storage equipment.

For Further Information Contact PPI Services on 0249502023
or email us sales@ppiservices.com.au